Thursday, July 31, 2014

Quick update (July 2014)

Hello all! Hope you had an absolutely fabulous holiday, full of joy, love, rest and fun.

Finally I managed to squeeze some time to update this abandoned blog.

July is the peak period for auditors and what made me totally breathless was my maid returned to Phillipine and I had to cook for ken (totally ignore food decor), do some simple house chores especially tidying up my messy room after renovation, and shop for furniture and fittings for our refurbished room as well as ken’s new room.

And of course my maid has just resumed working so that I can now have time sitting in front of the table composing this post.

Okay, here's some snippets of my life since the last update on 20 June 2014.

And of course they may not be in chronological order.

1. Had the simplest birthday celebration in Seremban


Initially had a plan for a short getaway but it was called off last minute due to the delay in renovation. I hope we could execute the plan somewhere in August but that will then become a birthday celebration for my hubby. Anyway I think I deserve a vacation to recharge my batteries.

2. Furniture shopping


We have been looking for children's bed which can fit into our room design but failed to get one in Seremban until we went to IKEA. Lots of hassle when we shopped for ken’s kid size bed because we bought the wrong size mattress and had to return to Ikea for exchange.

3. Baking and cooking


Continue to experiment new recipes! And I really love this homemade strawberry jam because they are too delicious!

Bought lots of bento-making stuffs from Daiso and I think Japanese mums are all superwomen!

4. Temple visit



Went to Thien Hou Gong with family for praying. Ken insisted to get a joss stick for himself as well as mummy and daddy and he even imitated how we prayed.

5. Trip to Port Dickson Beach

Planned to have a stay at Avillion but it was fully booked so we just made a short visit so that Ken could experience playing sand and water.

We had so much fun and I was so surprised that ken can play with just the sand and water for more than an hour. Why can’t he do this at home with his toys?

Here's a few pics from our fantastic trip!







6. Craft activities







One of the pastimes we did with ken but he can only stay focus for less than 15 minutes.

Alright! That's all for now! See you soon!

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