Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Loft In The Mill, Olinda


This is my first Melbourne blog post and I hope I could update more often! God, please be good to me!

The Loft In The Mill is a boutique hotel located at Dandenong Ranges, Olinda which is approximately an hour drive from Melbourne. To be exact, I should call this “A home in the forest”!

It’s close to the major tourists attractions like Yarra Valley and Puffing Billy Steam Train, not to forget that there are many beautiful gardens and forest parks tucked in this calm and tranquil atmosphere for nature lovers.

Our journey to Dandenong Ranges was the most adventurous road trip ever. Firstly we faced some problem with the GPS (the screen was black out) which delayed our departure for about 40 minutes. Secondly, we never expect that there was no street light in Olinda (yes, we were driving in the dark) and the road was as narrow as the old road to Cameron Highlands. The worst thing was no mobile coverage and there weren’t many buildings in this area. My heart kept praying that we could locate the homestay otherwise we would have to sleep in the car in this jungle OMG!

Lucky that after driving in the dark for about 30 minutes with fears and worries, finally we saw few houses and shops and we spotted our boutique hotel on the main road.

There are only 7 rooms in this guesthouse. Check in was quick because obviously we were the last one and the owner (a super lovely and friendly lady) welcomed us by showing us our room and how to turn on the heater as well as giving us directions to the nearest restaurants for dinner.

It was quite some distance from the reception to our suites and the owner actually guided us by holding mum’s hand because the walkway was too dark. They only have lighting outside the suites which were those automatic sensor type so they only lit up when we were very near to the suites.

The facade of the guesthouse. This photo was taken in the next morning.


Love the greeneries surrounding the guesthouse. Too bad that we did not have time to explore the lush fern glades and towering forests here.

The next morning was a sunny day!

The cosy outdoor seating area, which we didn't use because it was too cold.

We stayed in Calico Suite and this was the living area and kitchen, which had ample of space for two of us.

My favourite corner of the suite. Love this vintage and Victorian style of accommodation.

The bowl of chocolates on arrival was surprisingly delicious.

So glad that I brought this elegant lace dress with me and it matched perfectly to the settings here.

There were breakfast cereals, bread, jam, butter, juices, coffee, tea and milk provided for the stay, which all stored in this black cupboard.


The room had loads of character and was very cosy.

The bedroom was immaculately clean!

The en-suite was bright enough and I particularly liked its white lighting because painting ICI on my face was much more easier.

The toiletries were what I would expect to find in a 5-star hotel. Not to forget to mention they had a double spa bath tub which really made it a perfect relaxing stay.

Of course I would not miss any chance to shoot some nice portrait photos.





I would heartily recommend this hotel to anyone looking for accommodation in this area. It’s absolutely a beautiful place that make you feels homely and comfortable but with the element of luxury.

The Loft In The Mill
1602 Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd,
Olinda VIC 3788, Australia.
Price per night: RM525 (AUD172.50) including breakfast


  1. nice accommodation u have! i went to melbourne before, stayed in a rose cottage in yarra valley. I remember there are a lot of mountain road in melbourne too, we ever took a creek mountain road which keep pusing pusing @@ (a tough journey). normally we avoid driving at night. you can plan for tasmania trip, tasmania is very nice place too ! between may i know where u bought the lace dress, it is very nice to suit the hotel theme!

    1. I love tasmania too! Hope I could go there one day!

      I bought it from a Seremban local boutique.

  2. 其实我的视线都在你身上,很漂亮!

    1. 哈哈,你也一样漂亮。每一次的穿搭都会让人忍不住多看几眼!


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