Tuesday, October 14, 2014

St. Moritz, Switzerland

365 days ago……………

The day started with breathtaking scenery as we were heading to St. Moritz, Switzerland.

St. Moritz is one of the famous vacation spots in Europe especially during winter because of its excellent ski facilities. It is situated next to Engadine's lakescape at 1,856 meters above sea level, and is surrounded by many 5 stars prestigious hotels.

We departed from Bavaria, Germany and crossed the border of Austria  to reach St Moritz. On our back to Lugano, we had our coffee break at Italy and that's how we toured four countries in ONE day. 


Began to enjoy the gorgeous scenery as we passed the little towns


Entering Switzerland... the snow wonderland


A miniaturized village tucked quietly in the valleys of the Swiss Alps...

Unbelievably beautiful.

Finally we could get off from the bus to enjoy the fresh crisp air!

We had our first meal at Switzerland in HAUSER RESTAURANT, which was ranked number 5 out of 90 restaurants in St. Moritz as published on Tripadvisor!

Cauliflower cream soup

Grilled Swiss chicken breast with herbs sauce, mashed potato and green peas.


Burned custard. Quite a delightful culinary experience I would say.


It’s time to explore this cozy little town that sits on the side of the mountain in front of Lake St. Moritz!



Too bad that we only had like 45 minutes to explore this beautiful place. Time did not permit us to play with the snow T_T


I enjoyed the natural beauty of the town as it has the lake and surrounded by the Swiss Alps all around! So breathtaking!

Photos with two beautiful ladies from Kuantan

The St. Moritz lake. In winter months, this lake makes way for winter sports.

Look at the towering mountains at the mid of Autumn! It was quiet and peaceful







We traveled along the zigzag mountain roads in the Alps when on our way to Lugano


Switzerland never failed to surprise us with the captivating scenery and St Moritz looked like a million dollar town with its shimmering lake, emerald forests and snowy mountains!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Quickie: Oct 2014

Just a short update on what I have been doing recently! September was a very challenging month for hubby and me because that was the total change of our lifestyle. not only we sent Ken to preschool in early of the month but we also babysit him from 6pm until the next morning! All the while Ken was with baby sitter day and night but we decided to make a change by bringing him home after work as he is now a toddler and I no longer need to suffer from the midnight feeding and crying.

But things go a little beyond my expectation because being the parents of a hyperactive and dependent toddler is very challenging. I sacrificed my drama time to be with him, doing some crafts, reading, writing or watching some educational cartoon series. Though this is tiring (the mentioned activities sound not that energy-consuming but actually he will keep running or disobeying your instructions or purposely do something that you say NO) but the fact is he will not stay little forever and few years down the road he will not play and comb my hair, lie down on my laps asking me to rock him like a baby, touch my face and say "I want to sayang mummy", hold my hand and say "I love mummy so much".

Every weekend I will TRY do a weekly planning for the activities to be done by Ken as usually I'll reach home at 7.30pm and time only permits me to have dinner, shower, 30-45 minutes of play time with Ken and prepare stuffs for the next day.

Bought him a magnetic maze from HAPE few months ago. I love this very much because it is a perfect travel companion that keeps my boy busy and yet inspire learning and problem solving. This really helps to develop the eye-hand coordination as well as pencil control.


Color sorting

Craft time is a must do activity at least once a week




My mischievous boy will always challenge me when I tell him not to something dangerous.

Play time before going to bed

Shopping = running for Ken

Not easy to take a photo with him nowadays

There’s something wonderful about seeing a cross, scrunched up face turn into a broad grin and then explode with laughter.


He has a smile to break a million hearts.

Love these Hello Kitty books but hubby said they were only for girls so Ken could only get to flip the page in the book store. But few days after this I bought THREE Hello Kitty activity books for Ken because they were too cute and colorful!

Reading is definitely not my hobby but I will try to make this as Ken's hobby. LOL


Dealing with tantrums is part and parcel of being the parent of a two-year-old. Ken is now fully transformed into a rebellious toddler that says no to almost everything or refusing to do as he is told. Though he can be stinking cute sometimes especially when he imitates the adult, but the terrible two behaviour are killing me!

I'm trying hard to avoid scolding or screaming. And the new tactic that I'm using now is DISTRACTION! This works pretty well when he's not in full flown tantrum. Well, I'm still exploring different tactics. But what I can tell you is parenting nowadays is even more challenging than working!

Alright, that's all for now because it's time to sleep! Bye!

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